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A list of domain names may be bulk converted into a list of IP addresses using this program. To batch convert a list of domain names to the IP addresses for the servers they are hosted on, just paste the list (one domain name per line) and submit the form. We save our favourite websites in our search browsers and utilize domain names to look for them. In the event that our machine has a problem, we might even write and store them. But why is the IP address of a domain necessary to know? If we wish to learn more about the domain, we will require this information. What does IP stand for? Before talking about what an IP address is for a domain, we need to know the answer to this.

IP addresses

All of the websites that exist on the internet are included in a database. What distinguishes one domain from another is the IP address. A distinct IP address is given to each domain. All computers connected to the internet have an IP address, which is a special addressing scheme. You are assigned an IP address when you connect to the internet using any device, whether a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Operating and administering the internet would be almost impossible without a unique addressing scheme. Consider living in a neighborhood where there are no street names, house numbers, or other identifying features. It would be difficult to learn someone's residence.

Four digits make up an IP address. which each has between one and three integers. Each group of numbers is separated by a single dot, ". From 0 to 255, each of the four digits can fall. The IP address is one example. The secret that enables a user to send and receive data from other websites is contained in this seemingly innocent group of integers. This collection of numbers makes sure we go to the right website.

The IPV4 standard, which was introduced in 1983 and includes the one described, is rapidly running out of addresses. Both versions of IPV6 are now in use in order to support future domain addresses.

IP Addresses: Static versus Dynamic

Static and dynamic IP addresses are the two categories of IP addresses that are assigned. A static address is constant. Web hosting companies buy and use a collection of dynamic addresses. This implies that when a user with a dynamic address disconnects from the internet, another user is given the address.

Static IP addresses give details about a computer's location, including the area, nation, and continent. The IP address might not be providing accurate information about the domain, though. This is due to the possibility that a South Asian corporation may have a static IP address on a US-based web hosting provider. When an IP lookup is performed, the IP address will reveal this information. Static IP addresses are preferred by large enterprises, and certain government bodies also use them.

A variety of interchangeable IP addresses make up dynamic IP addresses. When a user connects to the internet, an IP address is assigned from a pool of addresses that are shared by all internet service providers. A dynamic IP address may be shared more affordably and securely than a static one. Static IP addresses are simpler to hack since a domain's address never changes. A hacker who attempts to attack a dynamic address can discover another domain utilizing the IP address.

You may bring your laptop with you when you move around, but not your IP address. You will be utilizing the assigned IP address of the café to check your email and carry out other online activities if you enter a café that offers Wi-Fi services and connect to the internet from there.

Finding Domain to IP

You may discover your IP address or that of a website in a number of methods. To locate an IP address, use the 'tracer' or 'ping' commands. However, knowing a website's IP address will not provide you with any further information.

If you want to learn more about a domain's IP, go to and click the "Domain to IP" icon, or copy and paste into your search browser's address bar. The domain to IP converter will appear. Press "Submit" after entering the domain name for which you want the IP address. The domain name, IP address, nation, and ISP will all be displayed by the app.

Along with the IP address, it also provides you with information about the nation in which the IP address is situated and the name of the company that hosts the domain you were looking for.

To find out who the real service provider for your domain is, this information might be very useful. You could have bought the web hosting company based in your city or nation. The internet service provider, however, can be a reseller for another internet site hosting business. So even if your company may have its headquarters in Singapore, your website could be hosted in Australia.

The vast majority of web hosting companies are based in the US. They can offer affordable hosting services, and their service level is among the best in the world, which explains why. Additionally, their settings are enormous and expertly run.


It is quite helpful to know who the internet service provider is for any given internet domain. You learn the precise IP address of the domain as well as the location of the domain's hosting server. if you believe a rival's website is receiving more traffic than yours. Additionally, you learn that the reason is that they are working with a top-notch web hosting company. You can find out this information by using  to perform a domain-to-IP lookup. Then, you may choose if you wish to part ways with your present web hosting company and choose a new one.