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QR Code Decoder

Upload a picture with a QR code in it and this decoder will try to read it and show the decoded text contents.

About QR Code Decoder

 Online QR code reading and decoding is a free service. This decoder will attempt to read a QR code that is uploaded or that is captured with a camera, and it will display the information that is encoded within.

You don't need any plugins for your browser to use this program to decode and generate QR codes online. tested well with Firefox 3.6, IE7, and Opera 10.53. Simply enter some text in the textbox above and click "Decode" to create your QR code. Click the other button to make it even better! If you wish to decode a QR code from a picture, select the appropriate tab, submit the image, and the outcome will be shown. Please think about complimenting QRgen if you enjoy it.

QR codes?
A QR Code is a matrix code, often known as a two-dimensional bar code, developed in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso-Wave. The initials "QR" stand for "Quick Response," since the code's developer intended for its information to be deciphered quickly. Although primarily intended to track parts during the construction of automobiles, QR Codes are today employed in a far wider range of settings, including both commercial tracking applications and convenience-focused mobile phone applications (known as mobile tagging).

Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes, are gaining popularity every day. Today, a variety of spheres of life employ these two-dimensional, square-dot codes. They can be seen on advertisements, posters, packaging of various products, websites, business cards, and even email signatures.

Text, links (to websites, movies, or files), email addresses, phone numbers, vcards that update your contacts on your PC or mobile device, and more may all be found in QR codes.

Principal features

  • Creates QR Codes for your personal or professional usage using a desktop Windows QR Code reader.
  • straight from photos on your PC screen, decodes QR Codes
  • Using a file or the clipboard, decodes QR codes
  • use a camera to decode QR codes
  • saves information from a QR Code to a file.
  • free tool